Considering Moving to Hawaii and Working Remotely

Considering Moving to Hawaii and Working RemotelySo many workers that have the ability to work remotely have thought about what it might look like to pick up and move to their dream destination while they continue to work from home.

For many, this seems like the ultimate dream of work and life balance. But there are some things to consider about how working remotely in Hawaii could look and how fitting it into the culture of Hawaii and making what could possibly big a big life shift might look. 

 Factors of Living in Hawaii that can Impact Remote Work

 Time Zones

 Hawaii is the furthest east state in the country of the United States of America. The day starts in Hawaii several hours earlier than anywhere in the mainland United States. Another thing to note is that daylight savings is not observed in the state of Hawaii so this has an impact on deadlines and conducting meetings and appointments with other people on the mainland.

 Timing work appointments and phone calls can be a little bit confusing for the first few months maybe even up to a year while you are getting used to this shift. For example, if you are hoping to conduct a meeting at 10 AM in San Francisco anytime from March to November you will need to plan on being available at 7 AM in Hawaii. If you plan to have a meeting with someone in San Francisco at 10 AM anywhere from November to March then this meeting will take place at 8 AM in Hawaii.

 Keeping relationships with loved ones and important friends

 One of the biggest hardships people go through when relocating to Hawaii is the distance from their loved ones that still live on the mainland. This can be a true difficulty for anyone relocating a long distance. It can be difficult to not see the same people as much and when you do not see people on a daily basis, in-person relationships tend not to be quite as close. It is definitely something to consider if you have many friends and are close to family members.

 It can be tough to get connected to your new community in Hawaii when you work from home as it limits your time and ability to be out among other people. One way to help get people connected in Hawaii when working remotely is through the group movers and shakas

This group is aimed at getting people together for networking and building relationships and helping people develop a sense of belonging on the islands while helping to grow the economy.

 The Internet service

 If you are working remotely, nine times out of 10, you are needing a very high-speed and reliable Internet service. Many areas of Hawaii are still fairly remote and as such do not have the Internet capability that many remote workers may require. Before falling in love with a location in Hawaii you want to make sure that the area has sufficient service for you to be able to conduct your daily job duties.

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